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NCR Silver Plans and Pricing


Monthly Plan - NO RISK

1 Registar and 1 Location

NO Contract | Live Support 7 Days A Week | Free Shipping

FREE Hardware Replacement

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Silver Plans and PricingPlans and Pricing

Have a mobile device, but only use it some of the time?

Pay per transaction instead and only pay when you use it.


• Get set up and running in a matter of minutes not hours
• Get your business ready to sell with intuitive item and pricing
   management tools
• Learn how to use NCR Silver Pro Hospitality with integrated
   help and training materials
• Call our helpful telephone customer care 7 days a week
  and speak to a live person
• Receive a full replacement of any NCR hardware item with
   our hardware guarantee
• Meet the needs and budget of your small business with
   flexible subscription pricing


• Manage employees for transaction and back office access
• Track profitability by item and category
• Sell by category or item with the ability to set a price or
   prompt for price
• Sell by piece or by weight
• Track items and sales in real-time with back-office access
    from anywhere
• Choose from scheduled or on-demand credit card settlement
• View transaction detail as it happens
• Access complete sales and profitability analytics from
• Review real-time sales updates with quick-view graphical
    report dashboard
• View a variety of detailed reports with multiple export options


• Capture and track customer data with every sale
• Choose when and how you connect with your customers
   through customer-tracking tools that allow full ownership
   of your customer relationships
• Provide digital receipts to customers
• Provide customers with receipts from previous transactions
   as needed
• Add customer contact detail or import from an existing list
• Capture customer purchase history information and
   create marketing campaigns
• Create relevant outreach to new and regular customers
   with integrated marketing tools tied to transaction history
• Thank customers for their business or invite them back
   with "thank you/we missed you" campaigns and templates


• Use iPad, iPhone,iPod touch to quickly and easily ring up sales
   in your store, near your store or away from your store
• Use multiple devices simultaneously and consolidate sales
• Conduct cash or credit transactions
• Manage returns separately or as part of a sale transaction
• Capture customer signatures on an iPad, iPhone or iPod touch
• Process credit card transactions with SecurePay, a fully
   integrated, end-to-end credit card encryption solution that
   provides secure protection of retailer and customer data
• Track and input discounts for items with ease
• Use item and ticket discounts to promote sales
• Group inventory items by category for quick navigation
• Assign different tax rates to different items with tax
   rate flexibility

READY TO BUY - Contact BECPOS (Click Here) READY TO BUY - Contact BECPOS (Click Here)

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