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What Is NCR Silver Pro ?

NCR Silver Pro Hospitality In Use - Click Play to see the demonstration.

NCR Silver Pro Hospitality is a complete point-of-sale solution that runs on your iPad®, iPhone® or iPod touch®.

It lets you accept cash or credit cards and track sales by item or category. NCR Silver enables you to capture email addresses of your customers, track what they buy and send them relevant marketing messages. And, because it is on your mobile device, you can sell anywhere and get your reports any time you want.

Affordale, convenient and portable!

Doesnt get any better than that ! Call Us Today to schedule your appointment or purchase this fantastic system.

READY TO BUY - Contact BECPOS (Click Here) READY TO BUY - Contact BECPOS (Click Here)

Ring up sales in your store:

• Make sales transactions in your place of business. • Accept cash, credit cards or checks. • Scan for codes or use the iPad touch menu. • Have customers sign for purchases directly on the ipad screen.

Sell Anywhere

•Take your store to your customers.
•Take your pos device outside your store to a farmers market or sidewalk sale.
•Email reciepts to your customers

Track Sales

• Access your store’s information no matter where you are • View easy to understand daily, weekly and monthly reports that help you understand how your business is doing • View automated alerts that notify you instantly of any issues that may impact your business • Provide detailed reports to your tax accountant or other business advisor

Market Direct To Customers

• Create customized email marketing campaigns for your business
• Create a special ‘thank you’ for first time customers
• Send emails automatically to customers you haven’t seen in a while
• Use sales data to create special offers and promotions specific to your customers’ interests

Get Help anytime

• Receive unparalleled customer care from the experts in retail point of sale • Reach out by phone or by email any time of day or night • Receive the NCR Silver Pro Hospitality hardware replacement guarantee that ensures free next business day replacement of all NCR hardware

NCR Silver from BECPOS in Colorado
NCR Silver from BECPOS in Colorado
Get started with NCR Silver from BECPOS Colorado

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